As we continue to grow and process a higher volume of payments we will have more negotiating leverage over the rates charged by third party services. We hope to eventually lower the rates your members see when paying online in the future, but until then our payment rates are firm.

While there is currently no way to pay no fee when paying online, it's worth mentioning that in most cases our rates are much lower when paying with a bank account vs. paying with a credit card online. Those specific rates are also lowest when subscribed to a PYLI Pro plan. In addition, there are never any fees to use PYLI to track member account balances and manage fraternity dues accounts while allowing members to pay via other methods (e.g. check), and record those payments in PYLI as credits to keep track, even while on a free plan.

To encourage more members to pay online we have also seen some organizations offer their members an account credit (e.g. $2-5 towards the next semesters dues) in exchange for paying on time and online to help offset the fee, which in turn helps lower the workload you end up having as an organization admin when entering credits.

Alternatively, if it's of any interest to your organization, you can set up your organization's instance of PYLI in such a way where your chapter is charged the fee out of the payment amount instead of on top to the member. This would mean that if the member pays $100 and this particular fee is $2.87, your chapter would keep $97.13 of that $100, instead of the member paying $102.87 for a $100 payment into their account. Even though the amount is similar when being built in, sometimes the psychology of the fee being built in can be helpful for encouraging online payments.

If you are an organization admin and are interested in setting up your org this way, you can change this setting here:

Additionally, for event ticket sales, this is a setting that can be toggled on or off for each event you sell tickets to.

Finally, if your organization can guarantee a monthly volume of over $80k in member payments, please contact us and we will work with you to the best of our ability to negotiate with our third party providers and potentially provide lower rates to you and/or your members.