PYLI comes equipped with features to streamline your recruitment process:

  1. Pre-registration for Recruits: Potential recruits can conveniently pre-register online before attending any events, making the check-in process smoother.
  2. Bulk Email/SMS: Easily communicate with all registered recruits about upcoming events and other important information.
  3. Attendance Tracking: PYLI simplifies attendance tracking at events. A laptop or tablet can be used for check-ins, and attendees can use their phone numbers for registration. Even if they haven't pre-registered, they can sign up on the spot.
  4. Optional Picture at Check-In: PYLI can also capture pictures of recruits at check-in to enhance their profiles.
  5. Contactless Check-In: For added convenience and safety, you have the option to use QR codes for contactless check-ins.
  6. Customizable Registration Questions: You can ask as many questions as you want during registration to gather specific information from recruits.
  7. Brother Check-In: The same check-in process can be used for members attending events.
  8. Voting System: PYLI allows members to vote on recruits based on certain criteria (e.g., number of check-ins or percentage of total recruits checked in per day). Members can vote live from their phones, leave anonymous comments, and access details about each recruit.
  9. Recruit Ranking and Selection Assistance: Throughout the recruitment process, PYLI provides a ranked list of recruits, along with anonymous comments from members to assist with the selection process.
  10. Seamless Transition to Chapter Members: Once bids are extended to recruits, PYLI facilitates converting their profiles directly into PYLI accounts to become part of your chapter.

Recruitment is a PRO feature of PYLI Organizations. A subscription is required.