A Reimbursement Request on PYLI is like an expense report. These requests can be submitted by members of your organization for things they purchased on behalf of the organization.

A receipt image or other documentation in the form a PDF, JPG, PNG, or GIF must be uploaded when a request is submitted. The file upload size limit is 5mb.

End users can submit requests here: https://pyli.app/billing/reimbursements

Admins can approve requests here: https://pyli.app/admin/billing/reimbursements/

Approved requests will automatically be added to the user's account as an account credit. This credit can be used to offset future bills, or the user can submit a withdraw request after their reimbursement request is approved if they wish to be directly reimbursed. The receipt/documentation image will remain linked to that transaction, and will be downloadable by clicking the icon next to the transaction title when looking at that account.