Withdraw Requests can be submitted by users who have account credit available. This can be due to overpaying a bill, getting a credit by an admin, or having a Reimbursement Request approved.

As an admin, requests can be reviewed here: https://pyli.app/admin/billing/withdraws/

As a user, requests can be submitted here: https://pyli.app/billing/withdrawals

Approving a withdraw request will simply deduct credit in the requested amount from the account balance of the account the request was submitted to and include the reason/comment listed which can be changed prior to approval.

This process does not move any money. Any actual transfer of money for withdraws will need to be handled outside of PYLI. (An example of this may be to write that user a check, and record the check number in the transaction reason or comment.) PYLI is only able to move funds from end users to organizations, and not backwards at this time.