If you set up your organization to accept payments which includes linking your organization bank account and verifying your information, you should automatically receive weekly deposits of all online payments as funds clear.

Our standard payout schedule is every Monday after funds have settled into your account balance (and are no longer pending). We do have the ability to push funds through faster (e.g. not on a Monday) in certain situations if absolutely needed after the funds have settled to their balance. Please contact us if you need this and we will see what your options are, but note that this may not always be possible. Typical fund settling time frames are as follows:
  • Bank account (ACH) payments can take between 3-10 business days, depending on the bank that was used to pay. Each bank has its own rules/schedules.
  • Credit or Debit Card transactions are typically 3-4 business days, but this number can fluctuate or even get lower depending on a variety of factors, including your history of declined cards, chargebacks or other risk factors, and total volume of payments/transactions.

Once funds have settled into your balance, they will be scheduled for batches of deposits on the following Monday into your bank account, or sometimes Tuesday when Monday ends up falling on a holiday.