When a new member creates an account on PYLI they will start out without membership in any organizations. In order to participate as part of your organization, an admin will need to let them in.

There are several major ways to join an organization:

  1. A user is invited directly by an admin via email
  2. An admin shares a unique private link that lets the member join just by visiting
  3. An admin shares a different link that prompts the user to submit a membership request
  4. A user searches for the organization on PYLI (if enabled) and submits their own membership request

As an admin, the last 2 items in the above list will require you to approve or reject the request.

To do so:

  1. Go to the Admin module
  2. Select Users & Access
  3. Open the Membership Requests tab
  4. Select approve or reject on any listed membership requests for members you recognize
  5. Once approved, the member will be notified that they have access to your organization and can log in