When purchasing a ticket via PYLI Events the default behavior is to let attendees edit their ticket information at any time leading up to the event.

This may not a desirable behavior for all events as it doesn't allow organizers a gap for using that information without changes, particularly in the days leading up to the event which may require things like badge printing, which would result in potential last minute changes or name swaps the day of the event.

To avoid this we now give event organizers the ability to control when they'd like to lock this information. Once locked, attendees will need to contact you to have their information updated.

Here's how to set that deadline for your event:

  1. Navigate to your event
  2. Click the Tickets tab
  3. Click Event Ticket Settings in the left navigation menu
  4. Look for a setting titled Lock Attendee Info
  5. To allow event changes until the start time select Always allow changes to attendee info online
  6. To set a deadline instead, select Prevent changes after the following date and time and enter the desired date and time in the box below. Be sure to keep the format consistent to avoid issues with saving.
  7. Click the red Save Settings button at the bottom. You should now see this deadline reflected for any ticket purchases to your event.

Once locked, attendees will be presented with a message indicating the deadline has passed, and they will need to contact you for changes to be made via the attendee console.

If you still need any help or have questions, please reach out to us for assistance.