Enterprise customers can link PYLI Events to a custom or semi-custom mobile application for attendees. If you are interested in learning more about this service please reach out to us.

Customers using the enterprise app can allow attendees to register for sessions without having to contact you. Without the app, registering attendees can be done using the attendee console (see below). 

What is Pre-Registration?

Pre-Registration allows you to allocate and manage a limited number of session slots to attendees, limiting who can attend that session. This is used in conjunction with the Session Capacity which is designed to be an upper limit on the number of attendees allowed at a session.

Attendees with the app will see the option to pre-register if there is available capacity. Alternatively they may see messaging indicating that a session is full, their current registration status, or that they don't have access to pre-register.

To allow Pre-Registration via the app you must enable this ability for each eligible attendee in the attendee console. Attendees not marked as Eligible will not see an option for pre-registration.

Requiring Pre-Registration on a session

How to require pre-registration on a session:

  1. Open your event
  2. Navigate to the Sessions tab
  3. Click Edit Details on the session you would like to modify
  4. Under Require Pre-Registration section, select Yes to mark this session as requiring pre-registration
  5. Click the orange Save session details button at the bottom.
  6. You should notice a Registration Required attribute appear on the session card, in addition to a count of Pre-Registered attendees.

Be sure to set the appropriate capacity at the top. If using a linked event app, attendees will be able to register until this capacity is reached.

If registering attendees manually in the attendee console (see below), this capacity limit will not be honored.

Pre-Registering an attendee using the console (and viewing registration status)

You can easily mark an attendee as Pre-Registered for any attendee from the attendee console. In order to pre-register an attendee, that session must already be marked as a session requiring pre-registration, otherwise the option will not show up.

To do so:

  1. Navigate to the Attendees tab
  2. Search/Open the attendee you'd like to modify
  3. Locate the session requiring pre registration that you would like to register the attendee for.
  4. Click the Add Registration Link
  5. Changes are saved automatically
  6. If you made a mistake or want to later undo this change, you can click the Remove Registration link

It's worth noting that registering attendees using this method will have no regard for capacity restrictions you may have set, whereas the app will enforce those limits for you. This is useful if you need to override a session and allow an extra few people inside.