Enterprise customers can link PYLI Events to a custom or semi-custom mobile application for attendees. If you are interested in learning more about this service please reach out to us.

Attendees who have your event app installed can vote on various questions you send to them created in surveys.

Voting Access lets you define which attendees are allowed to vote.

Vote Delegation lets you define a list of other attendees that a particular attendee is allowed to temporarily send their vote to if they are unable to vote during a particular session. They will also be able to pull back their vote at any time. All votes will only be counted once, even if submitted multiple times. As an admin you will also have the ability to control the current state of this sent vote, for example if an attendee is missing, assigning it directly to another attendee who is present at the session without requiring action by the first attendee who has the voting rights.

Marking an attendee eligible to vote

You can add or remove vote eligibility at any time for any attendee in the attendee console. Alternative voters don't need to be eligible to vote to receive a vote sent to them by an eligible voter.

  1. Navigate to the Attendees tab
  2. Find the Voting Information section on the right side of the screen
  3. Select the Eligible / Not Eligible option in the list
  4. Click the red checkmark button
  5. Eligibility will be applied immediately. In the app an attendee can pull down to refresh their status.

It's worth noting that removing eligibility during a vote will prevent that attendee from submitting their vote.

Adding allowed delegates

You can add an unlimited number of allowed delegates to a voting attendee. This list will be made up of other trusted attendees (likely in the same group/chapter/organization) who will be able to vote on that voter's behalf if they are not present.

It's worth noting that adding allowed delegates to this list doesn't give those attendees any additional access to anything until they are designated as the current delegate of the voter.

How to add allowed delegates:

  1. Navigate to the Attendees tab
  2. Search/Open the voting attendee you'd like to add Allowed Delegates to
  3. Locate the Voting Information area on the right side
  4. Click Add next to Allowed Delegates
  5. Select an attendee to add to the list and click the green Add Allowed Delete button
  6. The list of Allowed Delegates should now be populated with the attendee you added

Selecting a current delegate

The Current Delegate field indicates if the vote of a voting attendee is currently sent to one of the allowed delegates.

Attendees using the app will be able to send their vote to anyone in the Allowed Delegates list at any time, as well as pull it back when they are done.

The purpose of this field in the console is for an administrator to see if the vote is currently delegated to someone else and assign it if needed. The ability to assign it can be useful in a situation where the voting attendee hasn't checked into a session but one of their allowed delegates is present. An admin would be able to manually override the vote to the present attendee, and the missing voting attendee could always pull it back later if they eventually arrive at the session and check in.

Selecting the current delegate is simple:

  1. Navigate to the Attendees tab
  2. Search/Open the voting attendee you'd like to add Allowed Delegates to
  3. Locate the Voting Information area on the right side
  4. Select the link next to the Current Delegate section
  5. You can now select who the voter's vote is currently delegated to, or set it to None to return it to them.
  6. Click the red checkmark button to save.
  7. Attendees using the mobile app should be able to pull down and refresh to see their current status.

It's worth noting that this list will be empty, and only allow you to select None unless there are allowed delegates in the Allowed Delegates list above first. In addition, if a delegated attendee is currently in the process of voting when the vote is returned to the voting attendee, they will not be able to submit their vote.

Still have questions or need help? we're here to help, feel free to reach out to us for assistance.